You are welcome to Webkat's website! I can help you build a website. With my knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP, I can build the following types of websites:

Web Directories

Web Directories provide links to websites.

Search Engines
Search Engine websites index websites and allow searching content on the Internet.

Portifolio Website
A Portfolio website helps you showcase your work and career as well as letting others know you.

Educational Websites
Education websites are for academic institutions and educational purposes.

Download Websites
Download websites support uploading files(music, videos, photos, apps etc) for users and/or and downloading by users and/or public.

Non-Profit Websites
Websites for non-profit organisations and individuals like religious organisations, charity organisations among others.

Blogs and Forums
Blogs & forum websites for news, discussions and other important information.

Membership Websites
Membership websites for cooperating users by user identification, registration istration, login and the like.

Personal Websites
websites for individuals such as musicians, celebrities, public figures and so on.

Besides building websites from scratch, I can as well do the following:

Updating websites from older PHP versions to newer ones eg. PHP <=5 to PHP 7+ & 8+. This can help to fix security issues.

Improving the design - look and feel of websites by use of frameworks like Bootstrap. This can make your website modern and responsive.

Extending the functionality of a websites by adding more features & capabilities.

If you need my service email [email protected]
Thank you!

Kato Hiswill